Monday, February 28, 2011

Letter to My Pride “Somalia”

Dear  Somalia

I don’t sleep well since I left you
I need you back, I can’t be without you
Because you hold my heart

You are written on my chest
I feel you with every breathe that I take
And I don’t feel safe here knowing that I belong to you

Please replay back to my call
I will crawl till we close
Write you letters even if my pen gets dry

I won’t mind since I can use my blood as a pen
To tell you that I’m fine
You are all I’m missing; you are one of a kind

And I can’t lie, I love everything about you
Your weather, houses, people and seas
The tall trees and reading Quran under a peaceful roof

When it rained and the beautiful sound of the roof
Running in the rain, hoping it pass by again like an airplane
You are 24/7 on my brain riding it like a train

I’m avoiding chains, cocaine and champagne
I’m always complaining don’t you see my pain?
My tears running down like a drain

I’m going insane, I’m about to faint
I don’t want to be in Spain, I want to dance in your rain
Since you are the only one on my brain

You running thru my veins
And my loyalty still maintains the same
Some of us in Ukraine

But you are like a stain in our hearts
You will forever remain
And what you mean to me I can’t explain

You are like the rain a blessing to me
A land to me, a home to me
A country and pride to me

Without you it is hard to cope
These kids using dope
They grown up and forgetting about how you glow

I want to see you, I really miss you
I still live with your memories
I can’t take this pain, please help me to get out of this misery

Dear Somalia please call back
Just tell me come home
I promise I will never go back

Poet of The Streetz (P.o.s)
Copyright © 2011

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