Monday, February 28, 2011

Dreams of a revolution

Freedom a simple equation, attained when you add peace of mind and body, subtract hostility and exploitation, a little land so I can grow my family’s bread on a clean plantation, free from commercial contamination.

Yet I see vast depravation, greed and murderous intent, on destruction trillions are spent, evil is evil, an illness, a parasite, turning man into a sapless host with no sight, it breeds and on the innocent it feeds.

Some say silence is the best treatment, but for those inherent to devastation, your passiveness is a boast of encouragement, we are to gain absolutely nothing laying on our backs, wishing and hoping when these are the facts.

Your children are valued in dollars and sterling, body parts or drug dealing, your cultures and religions have become eradicated anomalies, mass worship of the currency practiced in vanity.

I live in between the state of modern day reality and the real world, I rejoice at seeing the stars in the night sky, and not the humans that shine with manufactured glitter, it’s a shame that the fortunate are repulsed by the less prosperous.

So I dream of a revolution, no ordinary dream, it flows from my sleep to when I awake and beyond like a stream gushing and rushing to the sea, its current raging from the injustice that I constantly see.

When I look at the world, I feel like I’ve walked into a room of emptiness, life has no meaning if mankind lacks compassion, ingredients of a better tomorrow requires kindness, and the strength to right the wrongs against the helpless.

No longer can we sit on our loins, designating our thought capacity to the collection of coins, or claim ignorance is bliss when we are all named on death’s list, if one is to die then so be it with a clenched fist.

I will arise even if my bones are shattered and broken, the truth maybe submerged but never stolen, its time we stand and give life to our humanity hand in hand, and your future is only by yourself planned.

A dream surreal, peaceful and real, gained only by conviction the likes of no alloy or steal, redemption is never to await the results of nothingness, I will strive for what I believe because my dream is priceless.

Hamza Egal
Copyright © 2011

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