Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My New Apartment

I decorate my new apartment with
red silk curtains from my mother
a patterned rug from my grandmother
a painting of a camel from my father
The homesickness that lives in me

The war torn country I have never woke up in
The blood that calls for home within
For the place I have never lived in
The homesickness that lives in me

Like shoes that don’t fit
Like food that doesn’t sit
Like dreams, I can’t remember it
The homesickness that lives in me

I remember dreams of place that transcends
Surrounded by family and friends
Blue skies and star trends
A nation of hope and milk defends
The homesickness that lives in me

Moving again to another new apartment to make it better
looking to replace the country I have never
In a sea of strangers never-ending
In a unfamiliar place forever
The homesickness that lives in me

Finding a new apartment in a city of full of the displaced uncertain
They decorate their apartments with red silk curtains
They speak in a tongue that soothes my soul from the rain
They remember a place surrounded family and friends with unbroken chains
They made a new home in a new land despite the rain
Welcoming me home to mourn for the homesickness that lives in all of us

Sindiya Darman
Copyright © 2010

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