Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Days turn to night and nights turn to days
A cycle
A periodically repeated sequence of events
Months and years that
Recur in repeating sequences.
Time is so limiting.
Some of us have seconds while others last for years
It’s the one thing we can’t tackle.
What are we to do?
Rush for the wrinkle cream?
Relish them moments we have?

You’ve made through the seconds, the hours and the days, which turned into months that in turn turned into years.
What next?
That’s the thing about time
Its cycle for the whole, straight line for the individual with a start and an end.
That even technology can’t seem to bend.
There is no remote control yet too
To fast forward
Or let us pause for a break.

Don’t you love finishing thinks quick? I sure do.
Not so sure with this one though.
Each second that passes is a second closer and a second further from the start. When the time comes will you be
Prepared and ready?
Begging for a bit more time?

Copyright © 2011

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