Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Breath longer to be stronger

Sometimes i think im something,
At times i feel nothing
Sometimes i think about war,
How disrubting

i dont understand what its good for,
Invading other countries
And crossing their boundries.

Its so hard too say goodbye

When will this war seize?
Who we gonna trust,
And who will we believe?

We must stand up and have a say,
And maybe someday,
just one day,
We'll have somwhere good to stay.

Kids uniforms turn to grey
And now having trobles to follow the politics way,
Soldiers now start to disobey,
And now kids cant play.

Number five.
Families all around having trouble to stay alive.

Number four.
Millitary breaks down doors at the crack of dawn,

Number three.
when will they stop and let us be free?

Number two.
Treating us like a fool
But wait till we get you.

Number one.
Usin a gun for fun,
Just to kill a mums favourite son.

Number zero.
If your scared of loosing her, you wouldnt act as a hero, because to us you less then zero.

Iman Farah
Copyright © 2011

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