Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Group poem 19 (Love Poems): Kissed by the sun

I was brought to her attention, just as she walked past creating an unwelcome sensation, my eyes lingered as my friends noticed my distraction, the call of my name pulled me back to reality, shaking my thoughts free of the beautiful stranger, I gave her no second reflection.

A couple of days came and went, to remember her face only a few moments I spent, smiling to my self thinking how atypical, always dismissed such attraction as sheer comical, after all I have been keeping the rhythm of my heart on a low beat, love has been nothing but a blood sucking leach.

Just when the image of her started fading, I found her walking on the same street, gracefully moving on her small feet, I readied by introduction speech, breaking into half a run, trying to reach the one, adorning skin that seem to have been kissed by the sun.

In my haste weaving through human traffic I caused a commotion, apologising here and there trying to calm the raging ocean of people, once again she vanished from vision, yet she left me with an apparition, I paced back to my thoughts riddled in confusion.

That night commenced the battle; the heart and the mind seemed to tangle, only one winner nothing a draw would settle, I listen to both arguments without interruption, the brain started full of ego, did you see your self go today, running behind one who doesn’t even register your being.

You need to pause for an instance; the heart’s persistence only leads to nuisance, I advice resistance or would you like the list of such and such incidences, shifting uncomfortably at the history, the brain delighted as now I was an easy, not ready to hear what the heart had in store for me.

Typically the heart started with questioning my bravery, acknowledging the past and the trail of loves devastation, would you let things you can’t change to be of obstruction, what if the one kissed by the sun was a heaven sent revelation, the home that you have been craving, and from behind the shadows searching.

A compromise was the only viable solution; I would not go out of my way to find the tantalising stranger, yet if she came across me again on the sideline another moment I would not linger, both heart and mind agreed in union as I drifted into much needed slumber.

A few months later lost count of the seasons, mislaid her memory due to life’s many unexplainable reasons, resisted many forthcoming a lady, just to jump on the notion of love proved to heavy, sometimes what we feel due to our animal instinct proves nothing but empty.

Came along way from offering false promises, learned that it lead to no good and the outcome has always been how truth diminishes, I was in search of purity and nothing tainted with blemishes, once again the one kissed by the sun appears, my internals tighten and my heart sears.

We exchanged formalities captured by her perfection, I felt hypnotised as if she carried half of the beauty meant for all creation, and this was more then just elation, as if the heavens layered her eyes, I said I have seen you more then twice, beholding you caused me to pay a sleepless price.

Please forgive me if I am intimidating, without a word she paused to listen, this whole episode has only been founded on attraction, and I don’t mean to be demeaning by saying your exterior is so appealing, there is a vacancy in my universe that requires a queen and not just any lady.

What I require transcends beauty; I need positive energy, one who is strong enough to raise and educate a family, one who carries intelligence that equals her splendour, one that holds modesty close to her chest, and doesn’t let every stranger that gazes upon her to plunge into her treasure chest, when I am anxious with life she knows how to lay my fears to rest, were conversations of any given topic holds meaning and not just a contest, such a woman would find my love to be endless. 

I watched her closely as her brown eyes looked up at me, just as she opened her mouth to speak something started to sound next to me, a familiar noise that seemed distant yet drawing closer with every tone, the one kissed by the sun started to fade as a light through my drapes shone, I stirred out of sleep to welcome the morning, switched of the alarm smiling, once again I was only dreaming.

Hamza Egal
Copyright © 2011 

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