Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Group poem 19 (Love Poems): The unfinished love

I can see your smile from a mile and a mile and a mile!! ……….
I can see you dancing with my emotion …
But you don’t know!!! How could you know?!!
All the feelings are masked by commotion.
There you are surrounded by my desire and my devotion
Yet you are faraway… so faraway …
Like a magical sunset that belongs 
To the land of passion...where the sky kisses the earth
Yeah ….that is so faraway
And I am here alone!! Sitting with the wait
Sometimes the love inside decides to take the journey
Few steps …back and forth … swinging… back and forth...eventually I fail and I return back...
Yes back and back ...back to the world of fantasies…back to my addiction
to all the unanswered questions  ,  the thoughts and the frustration  
I return Convinced by the fear of you being an illusion
 by my ego’s trials of survival … reigniting my hidden delusion
 by the fear that the journey will weaken my perception
and the distance will softly kill my affection…
So with the tears floating in my hope’s eyes
I return to sit back with the wait...Listening to the endless arguments between my fears and hopes 
The wait smiles …he holds my hands and says:  Next time! There are so many coming times!!
Treating me like a fool… As if he has exclusive look into if love and fear can live in the same sentence!!!!!! As if foolishness isn’t part of being in love …
the time dosent stop..the time dosent wait for anyone...
it is the nature of life to move on ...
but we write on the doubts so we will always remember that "the essence of love is the journey not only the destination”
so carry on...take the journey ...because one of the most beautiful gifts of life is when it unfolds the unexpected....

Ismail A.  Ali   
Copyright © 2011

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