Monday, April 4, 2011

April 3: Love

A sound of a song strikes the heart before the ear
It says: “Is it me you are looking for ?”
O love yes I am looking so hard
You didn’t answer my calls
Even all the letters returned in the mail
I anxiously repeatedly looked at the edges,
I checked the address and the stamps
That is how desperate I was!!
Even your image is held hostage
in the dark allies of the memory
I can’t see it or taste it!!
So I went back asking myself
Can we live without love?
O love you are so strange
Like the weather as hard as
We try you are unpredictable
An everyday topic that
Changes it is shape …
Still wondering
can we live without love ?
O love I hate the drama
But I can’t live without it
It comes with you
But I am addicted to that
bittersweet taste which
dissolves all the loneliness
and saves me from
my incompleteness
still wondering
can we live without love?
I curse you but I want you
I make the rules
And I burn them
The moment you smile
A smile that wipes all the anger
And unconsciously I forgive you
and I blame myself !!
so forgive me love
it was the voices of
all the love letters ,
the songs ,tears and hearts
you left behind in sorrow
impersonated my pen
and wondered
can we live without love ?
so please come back!!!!!

Ismail A. Ali
Copyright © 2011

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