Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 3 : Professional liars

They lied about history

And demolished our faith
Burned our country
And say it’s us who should be blamed
Make us feel uncomfortable of our own belief
Showing us relaxing only comes, when we give in

They put a bad image in the public eye
And cost the life of many lives
If only now we were stronger to fight
But our heads are stuck in the sand
And we get convinced our way of living isn’t life
When Islam gave them a life to begin with

They were closed off in the darkness
And with their struggle to believe civilization was near them
Economic and material jealousy
With their selfish need the secrets were revealed
We gave them light and knowledge
And they throw it back at us and say our ancestors were monkeys
They burned our books so they burned our culture and our faith
Meaning they burned our memories

Why we are confused because they our enemies
Having us to forget so they give us a false reality
Making us to believe this world is all we should hope to continue for 
Looking at ourselves in the mirror ashamed we took this world as paradise
We will learn the prize of their life style it’s all nothing but a huge lie.
So take this life and remember it’s a test, wake up now and find out who you are.
Before you lose yourself with the wind, and before you lose and they’ll win.

Idil Mahamed
Copyright © 2011

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