Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 4: First meeting

I never thought we would end up like this, seeing you for the first time, I told myself it would be impossible to get you, told my heart to admire u still. Prepared to wait the moment forever,thanks to my crazy heart that presented myself to u on ur birthday!, it was my entry into ur life. It give me the push i needed, u were kind enough to accept the gift, my heart beat a bit and said to me don't leave without conveying the message to her, i personally didn't want to mess things up on ur big day but it was the only chance that came my way. I waited u to let u know that u made life difficult for me mentally, physically a fan of ours and couldn't find a reason to tell u! when u asked me what kept me behind i said i felt helpless and awstreak about how life torments me without u. U looked at my eyes and sensed that i was nervous and i couldn't say i love u but give u enough hint to know it. U said ur too young to fall but to love life and i began to realize ur the one for me and become instant hit among the lovers! flowers after gift, letters after endless phone calls, u finally said life is about who offers u the best option to live not love but the one u love is beyond everything! I jumped up and down and told the family to get u at any cost, after all that struggle now ur sitting beside me counting the stars with me wondering what had gone wrong in the loving system but i know things change as time flies by, when i wake up i realized that i was dreaming and everyone has to take their utmost part for the chase of love cozza life is meaninless without love!"

Ahmed Abdi
Copyright ©2011

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