Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 4: Before the moment comes !!!

It is funny how the journey
seems to be long
yet it ends  unexpectedly
within few seconds
seconds where every
thing becomes heavier
even the air you breath
the sun turns away
coldness and darkness
becomes your clothes
everything moves slowly
yet it becomes fast
when you want to act
seconds filled with
noise ,motion
grief ,tears
gossips ,love
but you are watching
invisibly from a distance
as if you are
laying  silently 
in the eye of the tornado
as if you were not here

that are flying
at the speed of light
yet mysteriously enough
to clearly see
all the sins that
stained your life
all the mistakes
you could have avoid 
you see it
when there is no more time
andwith pain pounding
you ask yourself
why did i do it?
why i was seduced to
that moment of false pleasure?
you keep asking
and life quietly
walks away

and they come with 
all the love in the world
to  bury you
in your new home
a dark narrow hole!!
with all your questions
and wrong doings
and they walk away
leaving for you
some prayers,
tears and roses..
and you know that
the same time
that stripped
change and remorse
from you
will heal them ..!!!

here you wish
if you can
travel back in time
make Tawbah
and ask for forgiveness
and save some good deeds
to furnish your new home
but no
it is promise made
by Allah (SWT)
if you leave ,you don't come back

so let us make Tawbah
and prepare for that day
before the unexpected
visitor comes
before the moment of truth prevails

Ismail A. Ali
Copyright © 2011

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