Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 5: Pain

I see people suffer, and wonder if they have done anything wrong
I ran to the news and all I hear is, they were civilian, villagers, local, and above all
I try to find who is behind, and that cause me pain! A pain that makes me like I’m one of them
Pain that takes me back in the days where people use to be one, then tears drops like a tap of water
Water that can aid their helplessness, and I couldn’t find a way to send it out to help them
Then comes into my mind, leaders that fail their people putting their lives on the line
It confuses me what to be! And question if honesty still exist on earth, I run to my friend (pillow) and whisper slowly why leaders don’t be like you, and serve their beloved ones!
It replies almost like unheard, and says, if you sleep on me on the wrong side don’t you feel pain? I say oh yes, how does that happen?
It says, to feel comfortable you have to sleep well balanced, and enjoy the night out! I thank it with a smile on my face!
When there are ways we can live, and enjoy life why we cause pain to our people, I try to be normal, and smile but all I feel is pain! Pain and pain over again!

Ahmed Abdi
Copyright ©2011

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