Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 9: That girl

On my way home, I see this girl standing on the street smiling

I wonder why she stands there , I smile to her

She waves at me, I look around me as if someone see me

In My window I look for her if she's still there

Yes she's there, and I wonder who she's waiting for

Mom gives me shower, and she's still there

I told mommy, why is she still there, mom went upto her holding my hand

She asks why are you here hooyo? she replied my mom left me here, and i'm waiting her

Mom said, do you mind waiting hooyo at my house till she comes

With hope she said, yes, i can aunty, that girl's mom never come

Yes, that mom who abandon her daughter never showed up untill she was 18 years old

After all my mom has done for that mom, now she wants to take her daughter back

Mom have no problem with it, but that girl says, listen i'm with my family of 15 years, just leave me alone

She cries, and says hooyo i'm your mommy don't say this to me, i know i make a mistake

My mom cries too, and that girl runs to her, and says hooyo what happen to you?

Mom says she's a mom so am i daughter? i can't see her cry

Yes, that girl is my sister, and she wants to stay home so do i!

Her mom takes her away after mom convinced my sister, but the next day she was there that very spot i saw her last time

She runs to me, and says brother how was school today? i smiled and said it was boring, i missed you sister

She says i'm home again, mom passed away, i felt sad

Yes, that girl is my sister!

Ahmed Abdi
Copyright ©2011

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