Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 8: Medical Marjuana Memory Loss

In young age

I choose this way, the bad way

I mean the Marjuana way

Skiping school, waiting for my turn

John says today is your first day

Your not gonna get a buff, he says I'm getting high

Wrap it up for us, and get ready to deliver

To the man on black hoody at 24th and death

I wonder if this could be a career for me

When I come home, mom says how was class today son

I say different people I saw, none of them I know

Mom, the teachers were kind to me

I've done my home work on time, but I didn't get high

I mean I didn't had time out, now I'm tired

Mom get confused, tells everything to daddy

He gets the hint high, comes into my room angry

I say dad I choose the wrong path, the Marjuana way

He Gets worried, takes me straight to my family doctor

He says, I've the cure don't worry

It's called MMML
(medical marjuana memory loss) I'm excited now

But dead inside, my brain black, short memory

It's MMML (medical marjuana memory loss) now I detect the problem by myself

I want to get back on track, no more MMML, I wake up on time

Everybody is happy with me, I know what made me choose that path, my childish and ignorance

When I can do better Why MMML?

You see we're all human, and make mistakes!

Now I'm normal kid, but with age I recovered

Let's say no to MMl medical marjuana memory loss!

Ahmed Abdi
Copyright ©2011

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