Saturday, April 23, 2011

April poems: Disaster

I'm devasted by the disaster

That hit the world

Specially in Asia!

It started in Indonesia 

Passed to Chile, oh is Chile Asian Country?

No,it's South American Country

The latest victim was Japan

That's back to back disaster, it doesn't stop there

You see the whole map is circle, when divided it

Given a names, make them countries

Yes disaster is after us, we've given the worst a name

Tsunami, dangerous to survive when it hits the shore

It doesn't know People, Animals,Vehicles Chemicals

What a disaster, who is behind we know, but we can't do anything

Yes, we can, let's pray to the King of earth, Allah

I swear that's the answer, they doubt that he is God

Now we're tested, swiped to aside

It isn't far from them as long as we come up with our own invented Gods

Perhaps disaster, it's just the beginning

It hit everywhere, now every Country is getting smaller

No one knows what is next, hell no I do

My brothers, and sisters know 

There are couple signs left to happen

Disaster, yeah it's nothing but disaster!

Ahmed Abdi
Copyright ©2011

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