Saturday, April 23, 2011

April poems: Non Hijabi

You scream don't judge us all
And, tell them I swear we are not
All the same
Yet you constantly judge sisters
Without the hijab
As if their lack of the scarf
Makes you any less or more of a Muslim
As if they should adorn themselves
For you and NOT ALLAH
As if you are the ultimate judge
In the Day of Judgment

Give me a break here
When did covering become
Something that was for the world
And not solely for the purpose of
Pleasing Allah Ta'aal? 
When did not wearing the hijab
Start to symbolize a terrible Muslimah
When did Islam become something that is between the world
And not the relationship of the individual between her or him to their
To their
To their

Her faith and intentions
My faith and my intentions
Your faith and your intentions
Are the things that
Allah will judge us on
Not on what every Muslim
Person does...

I understand the importance of the Hijab and by no means do I imply here that the hijab is not important; however, I am sick and tired of some Muslims judging sisters without the hijab as if they are some sort of aliens and that don't have relationship with the Quran and Allah. How do you know that? And most importantly who are you to pass judgement? 

Halima Ahmed
Copyright © 2011

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  1. YOU brilliant and i like your creativity but i think you sound ironical because you support hijab and you believe its importance as it is a sign of a muslimah but have you forgotten that hijab is obligatory as performing salah and saum and any other obligatory act of worship to me i dnt judge people and i dnt like to jump to conclusion i hv seen ladies with hijap in my school yet during prayer time they are always waiting us to perform their salah i dnt know how they do it but i believe you must cover your self before you stand Allah as Allah stated in the holy quran you have take your hijap as a muslimah and He mention that command on several occasions so please i think your offended by few people judging sister but that is the bitter truth because leaving hijap is like leaving salah and leaving salah leads you to be a non believer i hope you are getting the point i am driving at.