Saturday, April 23, 2011

April poems: Missing you

Leaving traces of my tears on the floor
Miss me, say you’ll miss me
And when I hear your voices in the streets or under the sheets 
Suddenly I become so weak
Miss me, say you’ll miss me

And I pray, too see you in my dreams
From day and night
Miss me, say you’ll miss me

I just keep distressing because I keep on memorizing,
So it’s quite depressing.
Or now and then I keep on fantasying
And I’ll hold on tight and keep a commitment in those memories.
Miss me, say you’ll miss me 

Wondering how if our love would have been so strong
Or when I hold a picture of you in my arms
And when I breathe in your scent of your shirt
To every dua I will make a wish,
You would be the one I share Janah with,
And there Allah (swt) promises us everything,
And if I make it inshallah you will be my wish to stay with for entity.
for the time being I'll be here alone, waiting. 
Until before I'm reunited with you again, I'll miss you. 

Idil Mahamad 
Copyright ©2011

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