Saturday, April 23, 2011

April poems: false manifestation

Just a glance and I see it all
The forest standing there
Almost surreal
From distance, of course
I rush to embrace it
I have never been
One of them patient people, you know..
I march towards this captivating foreign territory 
The fragrance of the beautiful
Sooth my soul
And the sight of the
Red oak tree
Makes my heart
Dance with almost the perfect white strings of pearl
Of laughter
The smell of the earth
After the first raindrop
Reminds me of the days hoyo
Would burn unsi in our home...
That moment like today never fails
To slowly melt my heart away
And make me feel
At ease...
At peace....
This had to be...
It was destiny..
The forest and I...
Were meant to be...
However, the spotless beauty of the forest
From afar
Blinded my eyes to million thorns
That tore my skin and made it bleed
I marched across the forest
With each step along  the way my footprints
Decorating the earth with blood...
Even physical pain was not enough to unwrap
This blindfold that I tied on my eyes
Until, I noticed the flowers that were suppose
To be timeless
And forever beautiful
Wither away with time...
Like fake promises of yesterday
The forest slowly crumbled 
As summer gave away 
To autumn
And finally winter...
Suddenly, the beautiful wrap
That the forest manifested itself in
Was not so beautiful 
In its original state..
Rotten bitter ginger merely wrapped in a candy box
Does not become sweet as a candy...
You see, emotional scars have always been
My wake up call...
My savior...
And,  now at the womb of the forest
I see the reality
That I missed from afar...

As much as I would love to take full credit for this poem :D - I have to say it was inspired by a liberating and inspiring conversation I had with a dear friend tonight and of course the calendar that hangs right above my study table with a beautiful picture of  Murhut Falls which is located in Olympic National Forest.

Halima Ahmed
Copyright © 2011

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