Saturday, April 23, 2011

April Poems: I lost her by mistake

Childhood never dies, but grows with age

Whenever I see her smile, I thought we were made for each other

Playing with her, and acting her hubby was a dream

A dream I will never understand it's direction

After all we were to each other, I lost her by mistake

I mixed dream, and reality, yes I was her king in dreams

But not anymore cozza I lost her by mistake

After we lost each other due to the civil war, one bad day

I open my mail-box, and there come the completion of the bad day

It recite, hello the king of my childhood, forgive me Mr. charming

Someone is taking me away from you, and I'm happiest as ever

On Aug, 1990. You lost me by mistake so do I? But today I made the decision

The decision to marry him, and I'm sure you will like him as much as I do

I went to see him, and congratulate, but I lost my cool

Till now I have no damn idea why I punch him, but he was taking my queen from me

She come between us crying, and I couldn't find the words to explain what happen, but the witness picked their side not mine, and said the guy is jealous!

Since that day I lost her by mistake, maybe I could have act like a childhood friend, but my childhood dream cost me the reality to be true friend

I lost her by mistake, a mistake i will never recover

Lost Her By Mistake!

Ahmed Abdi
Copyright ©2011

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