Saturday, April 23, 2011

April poems: My Sisters Beat Us To The Competition

The truth may seem funny, but I don't afraid to put things into perspective

My sisters beat us to the competition, yes I said competition

The competition of life, and being leaders

I'm not jealous of them, but I wonder where we've make mistake

Fellas we fall behind my sisters, they beat us to the competition

They're the leaders of today, you have a doubt, and I will prove you wrong

My sister is a successful business woman, a caring mom, and above all

A sister, and wonderful wife, my brother in law says I wonder where I would have been without you

My sisters beat us to the competition, now we're the opposite

We do their work, with the help of them we even have spare time to go to fadhi ku diriir

Chewing our favorite greenery khaat, we stay awake all night, and go to sleep in the morning like devils

My sisters beat us to the competition!

Ahmed Abdi
Copyright ©2011

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