Saturday, April 23, 2011

Awaiting tomorrow

I am filled with hunger and raw desire, to explain further I am like an unborn child nestling in the cradle of his mother, awaiting delivery out of this misery, please understand my words so you can journey through my comprehension, every human’s terminology is like an extension of their being, awaiting tomorrow and of peace whether awake or sleeping I am constantly dreaming.

I live my life one day at a time, awaiting just a little piece of mind, never succumbing to failure, even if I reside in a world where the slave rules the master, does that sentence make you wonder? To put it plainly you choose your dictator, on the pretence of servitude to you as the holder of power, once you have signed your life away you become nothing more then a dirty puddle of rainwater, to be stepped in or skipped over.

After all we have seen and heard do you await a branch of peace held in the beak of a white bird. The way I see it all these governments are business entities, and the truth is you and me are nothing more then commodities, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, it was either this or silence and that my nature would never choose, in theory on pages of books were I firstly come across lady democracy, she was glittering and shining, and when I meet her in person I realized her soul was missing.

The politician takes the stage after flaunting us with our tax money on a lavish parade, and then has the audacity to speak to me about freedom when its in the human blood they trade, the focus is stated as our collective interests, the amount of atrocities committed on this notion is limitless, yet I find myself questioning when I asked for this, the killing and destruction of the helpless.

What happened to the promotion of education, subsiding the price of medication, eradication of poverty and the building of homes with little picket white fences? The world is so far gone in its madness that my words only draw laughter from the senseless, I careless as one thing is sure, I am alive tonight but might be dead in the morning, washed and buried in nothing more then a white sheet and the cloth that I was born in.

So often we neglect to take wisdom from those we place in a coffin, true insight comes from reflection, count the signs that number like sand in you palm from the ages, shoulder the struggle, remain strong through the trouble, let us teach our souls to be pious, repel the injustices and evils like a cell that fights a harmful virus.

I await tomorrow and my desire and hunger is for us to come together, we all have something to share with one another, I have something I wish to learn and something to teach, I look at my children’s generation and I realize complacency is unaffordable luxury.  

Hamza Egal © copyright 2011 all rights reserved.

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