Saturday, April 23, 2011


Take a look at me what do you see?
You probably see all of this frustration and anger inside of me
I knew that I wouldn’t be able to speak about me without talking about you
Because when they said that human beings are reflections of one another they were defiantly true;
So today, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve decided to talk about both me and you
I’ll be honest, I am starting to feel a little bit annoyed
Because I know that my silence over the past years has caused this void
Remember that I am just like you, I too feel ignored, shunned, and confused.
By people who mistake me for being foreign, oppressed, or abused
I was once sitting on the max next to an old lady who came over and handed me a business card.
She said call that number, that social worker helps girls whose lives are hard
She said you know you don’t have to let him abuse you
I told her that if she thinks my father forces me to cover she’s sad and delusional
because maybe I might look a little bit unusual
but, I don’t wear it for anybody I wear it because I want to be more spiritual.
 I wear it because I want modesty, dignity and pride.
Whoever told you that I am forced defiantly lied
So, whether you wear tight clothes like Ricky Martin
Or Baggy like Soldier Boy
If you like your hair in breads
Or you like straight hair that’s all in your face:
Like my home boy Justin bieber, I don't really care
I just want you to remember and be a firm believer
That you and you alone can decide how to look, worship. or Dress,
And if anyone tells you otherwise just look them in the eyes and say …honey, I can care less.
And I know that it seems impossible and that my country is such a mess
But I always day dream about kicking back in one of its amazing beaches
Worry free, and enjoying the beautiful sun set that makes you speechless
I don’t know much about all the politics and to be honest I don’t care for it
I want to restore my pride in my country so much so that I would die for it
Because all my people want is to live safely and accomplish something before they die.
But why aren’t they able to live a simple life just enjoying the ride.
I still dream about a stable Somalia with everyone united
To push out all of that tribal mentality that only caused us to be divided
Before my country was a paradise if I may get u reminded,
I wish I could show you like a movie and rewind it 
I guess for now I am just gonna keep dreaming and reminiscing 
And keep using my poetry as a an outlet for all of my venting

Naima Mohamed
Copyright © 2011


  1. quite poetic. if u hav a collection of poems on various topics please send them to me via am pursuing a bachelors degree english and literature at the university of nairobi-kenya. am mohamed ibrahim. thanks

  2. hey, I am gonna keep posting. So keep following me! :)