Sunday, April 24, 2011

First poem of the Week: Underground People

Skipped school on education

Got impregnated at the age of 16
Now a single mother, stuck raising a kid
End up cleaning floors for living
Just for you to walk on each morning

Mesmerized by the visiting uniform man
Signed up, to catch a dream
Got shipped into war
Ended up taking life
Became political livestock
Pawn to be moved around
Tossed back to society with no backing
Now stuck wandering in the streets

Escaped from war torn country of mine
Everything dear to me swept away
Just fainted memories they are now
With lifelong scarring wounds
Arrived into a land, everything foreign
Beginner I am now

Did stupid mistake
Got caught up and sent to jail
Paid my debt
Felony on my record
Castrated from society
Unable land a job
I am a living dead 

Sadiiq Ashuhle
Copyright © 2010

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