Saturday, April 23, 2011


You complain and love to raise conflict in the world but in your house theirs peace
How can you live healthy in this world yet cause disease
Seem to make people lack in supply but in your fridge its full of fruit and feasts
You seem to build these stadiums yet the other side of the world is poverty driven!
Cause error and world terror but in your garden its safe

You cause corruption in this world yet you seem to sleep in a humble state of mind,
Whiles other people in this world happen to be awake, with heart ache and dry eyes, enough worries to commit suicide you happen to sit around with your other rich friends counting the seconds till its tea time.

You happen to own the world but not your own life
Treat everyone low so that they depend on you for supply
Yet when you make a mistake you happen to shake them
Till you think its ok and everyone can go back to their normal life

 You seem to not understand that you do not own their life
But I guess in your head , power means ownage so they owe you their life
Give them resources but there in debt for life, still paying for what is actually theirs
Erase history is the motto,  so you can point towards those who gave you your riches and say you see , they need me in their life knowing you need them, but reality is you will shoot anyone who speaks up to you and tells you to stop telling lies

You Clear away their history so they dont know whats home and away...
Were all drifting souls trying to belong,  but the thief of Africa does not want us to be strong, therefore he plays with whats right and wrong!
Turns our people against each other and sends them guns and says you see fight back what is wrong? Sends aids but reality is more are dead then what is healed
Power is a huge part in our lives before it goes to our head let it light in our heart so we can spare each others lives.

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