Saturday, April 23, 2011

April poems: Somalia (The Land Of Death)

Overtaken by dictators and warlords 

Where The Rest are nothing, but minority

The guys I grow up with become one of the fearful

Yeah, one of them, I mean reer hebeel

Now they're leading their uncles showing around the City

Destroying whoever comes their way, even their educated elders

People don't go out anymore, they're afraid for their lives

Barmuda and Cirtogte are the worst places, We lost the connection between Karaan and Hamar Weyne

I realize that Somali is the land of death, my neighbor was killed

Killed by guys called ku nasiibso, we burried him, after that no investigation was taken

Somali tops the list of "The Land Of Death" list, no one have complain about it

I try to play with my buddies but their mom thinks I may lead them astray 

I try to tell her that I'm dadka cadcad, then fear for my life

I even speak like them, trying to survive in my own motherland

Somalia, the land of death is getting tougher to live

The day begins with bullets, we nick named it daango, so enjoyable to listen to, painful when it hits you

The night is even worse, sometimes you wake up your neighbors gone

I too did that when I left, I couldn't say bye to my friends

Thou we all belong to Somalia, the land of death we are treated different

They're uyuuka, and I'm daba cade, it's alright by me

Somalia, the land of death seems doomed for beyond repair!

Ahmed Abdi
Copyright ©2011

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