Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gotta make a Change..

I had enough of Speedin in da fast lane,
pray my 5 salaat a day,
so im livin in da Rite way.
Thats jus da beginin
ive got alot 2 do,
2 make up 4 wat ive dun
ive got alot 2 prove
These 2 feet i own I'm not proud of
they've taken steps on Roads
dat I Look bak n frown on,
Insha ALLAH i will b forgiven
If im Bak wid My Lord,
hopefully i'l b winning.
No more chillin in da park,
Buildin Tree's Up..
Rather sitdown in Da Mosque
Had a flow wit no direction,
wats da point of livin
Dead Man walkin',
if ure on da road Sippin..
may we all B forgiven..
kick bak n look at da bigga picture,
step outta da box n look in It
wats Ure reason 4 Ure Existance!
Not tryna preach i aint in da position,
jus tryna save my soul
n reach a Higher Plain of Perfection..
Though we aint built like dat u can
strive 4 it by memorizing da Holy Scriptures!
dats one way of defeating
our biggest Hater
Satan may u burn in Hell
4 eva disrespectin our creator
n be humble n pious
allways help eachother.
For the Sake Of ALLAH
Always b true 2 each other
N have a clean Heart
If u do deez tings u'l be bk on da rite Path
Remember U're gud deeds,
R ure light shining u outta da DARK.
So bruda's n sista's
rejoice everytime ure eyelids open apart
N give thanx 2 ALLAH,
Life's so simple jus Pray Ure SALAAT!

Moe B Skool
Copyright © 2011

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