Saturday, April 23, 2011

~*~..I am from..~*~

I am from Somali,
My lovely mother land.
I am from its streets, cities, and every day.
I am from its sunrise through its sundown,
Shining bright and standing high.
I am from the horn of Africa,
And Somali it's her name.
I am from world that is so close yet it is so are away.
I am from a world filled with ignorance, hardship, and pain.
I am from a dark side of life,
a side you'll will never see.
Unless u volunteer to come n walk in ma feet.
I am from silence that doesn't speak,
Never had the chance or the help it needs.
I am from cries n tears,
I am from broken dreams.
I am from hopes that's shattered
I am from a land where its people are scattered
I am from a world that never moves forward,
Stuck in the past where there is nothing but darkness.
I am from,
May Lord bring peace to our way.

Fatima Hersi
Copyright © 2011

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