Saturday, April 2, 2011


Who is the terrorist  
Is it the ones targeting tanks with stones 
Or is it soldiers equiped with rifles and laser guided drones 
Is it the millions starving, nothing but skin and bones 
Or is it the kings and queens reclining on top of thrones 
Is the presidents dressed in suits fabricating lies like clones 

Is it the participator or the bystander 
Is it the soldier or the commander 
Is it the dictator or the freedom fighter 
Is it the speaker of truth or the lier 

The most recongnized terrorist resides somewhere in the middle east 
Not to worry America shall protect you from this horrific beast 
America the land of the free and the home of the brave  
America , divide conquer and enslave 
Not aiming at the people but adressing the goverment 
Sending thousands of innocenct to a life of imprisonment 
While forcing upon others their unjust establishment 

Just cuz the president is black dont mean you're  racially intertwined 
He's just as corrupt as the last one who resigned  
Cuz greed is colour blind  
Claiming they take action in the name of mankind 
If Bush drained Iraq  
Then Obama is going to drain Libya and thats a fact

Supporting their on kind of ''revolution'' 
And then coming up with their own ''solution'' 
Their the judge, jury and deliver the prosecution 
Ultimatly deciding the execution 
Leaving the people with nothing close to a retrobution 
Wasn't 2003 all about weapons of mass destruction? 
Well today its a country in dysfunction  
And the cause is simple, a

 three letter word 
Confrent them and its  something they've never heard 

If you try to protest or resist 
Their quick to lable you a terrorist 
And a threat to a democracy that doesnt exist 
History is repeating itself, but what have we learned? 
If it doesnt affect us were most likely not consurned 
Made you believe Islam is to blame for everything that has ocurred 

So who is the terrorist? 

Ismail Mopreme
Copyright © 2011

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