Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 1: With Guidance save her

I’m crying now, because I don’t want to lose her,
In the hell fire she may go, and when I utter about Allah ta’ala
And our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw)
She looks at me if I were mad to believe
I cared mostly of our journey we would take
And I cry because she utters the words of a disbeliever  
“I will believe in Allah when I see him myself”
But when it’s too late and judgement day comes
Our eyes would witness and our souls will awake
Regretting tears will fall
Even if I could give my good deeds to her
She would not be saved
See I love her and InshAllah if I go in the gates of Jannah
I don’t know if I could dwell and shed tears of a sister from the world we should have taken lesson from
But I look at her now I’m happy time hasn’t come nor death has hit us both
Or the world hasn’t end, so every time I cry the number of tears are the Dua’s I’ll make
I’ll never give up on you even if I have to love you more than myself
I’ll hug tight and hold on and I will try to mend your lonesome heart
I’ll never give up on you, because I love you,
Because you would have done the same for me
My hope in Allah and my concerns I’ll ask of the most merciful and the most forgiving
She was rightly guided once upon a time but whatever respect she has for Islam
Please Allah please save her from the hell fire and the illusions of the world.
Oh Allah make my Iman reach Skies don’t let my Iman disappear in front of my eyes.

Idil Mahamed
Copyright © 2011

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