Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 1: The warlord

Between the gun and the bullet he was born
where the sound of the gunshot was the favorite song
It has an irresistible fragrance , why not?! Isn’t it addictive to feel invincible?!
There was no place for crying or mourning in his world,
as if he was born without tears
A man with the warrior's tattoo on his soul
Future was already shown..he was on the road to the throne
sometimes we only see what we want !!!
hate , greed , cruelty, treason and survival were his genetic codes

in a land where everything is marked by bullets
the people ,the trees , the buildings ,
the sand Even the sun has holes
which pour beams of blood that soak the city with the darkness of anguish
here the people live with the addiction of madness , can we blame them
for the only way they know to besiege the unbearable memories and feelings ?!!
can we consider weakness and desperation sins in a land
where poverty is breathed, freedom is shackled
and fleeing is a habit even when we dream?!
so talk as much as you like... make a speech about morals
gather and discuss what's right and what's wrong !!
all of that will be doomed ...all of that will be paralyzed
when you walk around and the only things
you can see are the remnant of beauty and innocence
which are raped in the wilderness journey every day
and the shame that keeps running
and running  in every stream ,
yet nobody hears the victims!!
they cry for help and the painful echo
of their sounds is the only reply of the deaf world
a world that enjoys a dramatic play
where thieves are leaders,
hope and justice are criminals,
people feign they understand fate
and morals wait in vain for saviors
life wait in vain for miracles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But our worrier doesn’t care!!! Why should he care?
He doesn’t have holes and everything is trigger away!
”” A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”” who needs such notion?!!!!
When he can ride a bullet faster than your desire and intention …
He lived hustling with his selfishness
jumping between bullet rounds
Our worrier was tough and pioneer!! 
Crushed anything in the lust way
they all dropped dead ... dignity, love, honesty ,mercy
and even the trials of renaissance of his own soul
until the inevitable day arrived
he pulled the trigger and rode the bullet to grab eternity
But there were no holes in destiny!!!
He was deceived by a myth he believed … “I am Invincible”!!

"O death you betrayed me!!"he said ,
foolishly thinking that death has allies!!
and looking at his heart he was stunned by the hole …
for him that was ironically risible
at that moment he heard the other song ,
a one he never heard before
the melody of anguish ,loneliness and regrets
but still he never cried or mourned ...
he had forsaken since birth repentance and remorse
for the weak who hide behind the curtains of ideals
and think to them we should recourse …

our warrior was buried in the sins graveyard
and Peace brought a bullet and carved on the stone:
At the non-lived year
Here we buried a man who was never born
His mother is lust...and his father is unknown
He used to make us laugh tearfully at pain,
embrace fear and eagerly wanting to be insane .
As long as we live we are going to faithfully forget him
and remember the lessons from the days we didn’t live

P.s. Someday, I hope we are going to witness the day when every warlord in this would will be accountable for their crimes and put on trial for they did

Ismail A. Ali
Copyright © 2011

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