Friday, May 6, 2011

April poems: Poison tears

Whispers of the the wind, 
dancing of the leaves and braches, 
the stories they portray 

in the shadows of the walls and floors,
the evil may seize to hear, 
when the mountains crumble to dust,
as though the cat caught their tongue, 

then breathing comes with diffculty, 
using love as your advantaged, 
so you'll never find ture love,
rain drops that fall on the ground 
sing songs and encourage growth within the soil 
and with that we fed our souls 

but with our materialist ways
what ever comes is poison  
does it mean now we are poison 
you have been poison to me 
but then I caught up being addictive 

whispers of my voice 
singing with a chanted note 
for what ever you done to all the innocent souls
may the curse creep at you may it slap back at you
so say your poison tears are because you are hurt 

dancing with a spin say you've lost your mind 
look at my shadow looking back at you
what does it tell you 
see men are players 
and women are of seduction 
the words you may seize to hear 
as I sing and sing may the tears come 
say you cant take no more. 

 Idil Mahamed 
Copyright © 2011

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