Friday, May 6, 2011

Do I know you Mother..?'

"Most of us believe it's time to say Mom I love you..
''Many of us think that this is the way we can pay back what she has done..
-But how come when..:-
"She prayed to keep us alive inside a warm cave passing each month..
"She told us to keep away from people belying the world..
''Since the moment we came till the last shock of her own last breath..
''Her trust, her love, her eyes, her heart were a gift for us..
''We meant EVERYTHING for her even if she had nothing..
''A girl she was and now the amazing part of us.
''Our tears drives her around like a crazy woman trying to find the brakes of our obsession..
''No wonder diamonds are rear and high-rated jewelry..
''She knows the buried facts were people can write an essay about..
''She is the one saving dignity, always sacrificing with our misery..
''No creature can replace her but what did we gave her..?
'A day to justify her memoirs..?
'New house to exchange her neighbors..?
'Last month salary to re-sign her voucher..
''Trip to Makkah where she asks Allah to protect us with all His Mercy..
''Reciting the Quran as she frightfully hopes to be a witness for our obligatory..
''Shared our meal together like old times next to her stomach..
''Wiped her shiny tear scrolling down the cheek we used to smack with soft,little bubbled lips..
''Hold her hand to walk beside us not being embarrassed of our age..
''Making her successful by proving she invented LOVE..
''Let her leave life with us as a sample to duplicate..
''Wish we could find more for her treasure under her feet..
''Live for Mom today or forever dazzle her treat..

Much love, respect and duaa's for all the Momma's ♥

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