Saturday, May 21, 2011

The word

In the beginning was the word
And the word gave love
Walking with the poor
Sheltering the mass with hope
These few altered the path
Creating these words
That grew legs that moved
Even a mouth that spoke
That learned to weave lies
Spreading the illusion that
Sparked from these few words
That traveled from East to West
Covering North to South
Bringing forth these shadow
That trapped the children of life
Running with these few words
That had now grown wings
And traveled through air
Creating these humans
That now formed slavery
From this feeling of power that rose
In the words that came
In the form of “Jesus is white”
From these words they drew this image
In the form of this white male
They branded “JESUS”
Giving volume to the mendacity
Of these words that came with this image
Developing this genesis
That stood in the rise
Of this false truth
Building these endless
Self made prisons
All in the name
Of searching for this inner peace
Within this image
Responsible for the manifestation
Of these humans that defied
The laws of nature
Branding themselves
The superior race
Shadowing the truth
That came before this image 

Yasmine Farah
Copyright © 2011

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