Saturday, May 21, 2011

No longer here

Remembering loved ones who are no longer here
Is something so wretched and at times I cannot bear
He is gone and I wish it was not so
For he understood what others do not know
He will always remain as the best soul I ever met
Till this day and always I will never forget
His kindness, mercy and utter decency
I hope that Allah grants him, His clemency 
I long for the day when we are reunited
Under the mercy of Allah, Most exalted 
May the doors of Jannah be opened for him
And the light that guides never dim
To you who did everything so sincerely 
You are missed by all so dearly
Your absense has left a hole 
In the very centre of my soul
Love you forever and always

Nimo Yusuf
Copyright © 2011

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