Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Forsaken my heart
Wondering if you could take me
So spare me a pleasing kiss
Before I keep breaking
Wishing you could hug me
As I whisper in secretly love me

If its possible you could now save me
I’m here feeling secluded
Its eating me up so reclusive
I think now I’m about to lose it
Why isn’t this pain mentioned as a disease

Because my mind tells me things
So now this world is something
I can’t live in, tell me you understand
Even when I’m in the company
of a gathering I feel this loneliness

If I could have you all to myself
stay with, spare me a pleasing kiss
Adore me, care for me, and say you’ll never leave me
The affection you give is a sweet cure to this suffering
Forsaken my feelings for I have become weak

Wondering if you’ll love me
So spare me a pleasing kiss
I want you
Knowing no one 
understands loneliness, but you.

 Idil Mahamed 
Copyright © 2011

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