Wednesday, May 18, 2011


She has no name,
No name because she was never loved,
For you can only be loved to be named,
She carried that thought in her mind,
For as long as she could remember,
The children tease her and chase her off the streets,
The parents stare at her aimlessly as if to find out why she is here,
Why she ever came into being,
She bears the insults and the lost glances,
All for such little gain,
For she has no family, no home, and no right
No right to say she has a reason like the others,
She watches them in their happiness while they think her gone,
They laugh and smile,
It all seems to just come naturally,
She can’t remember the last time she had done either,
The possibility never came,
For she has no name,
The nameless girl,
And in order to be named you must be loved,
And she never was…

Halima Hagi-Mohamed
Copyright © 2011

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