Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Angel Of Death

A person’s life is just another movie 
Of the words they speck are of poetry
Beautified treats of desire
Trickery of sheer deception of lies
Materialistic temptation
Sensation through your senses last for a split second
There will not be an eternal happiness in your souls

So reform your faith when you have the chance
Or before you’ve become old
And the cries and weeping become like singing
Gazing with the eyes you can be enchanting;
Connecting to the heart is it possible to love at first sight
Awaking of the eyes from the wrong and right
And the beatings of the heart are of the beats of songs

Then again the heart is our alarm clock ringing at the crack of dawn
Triggers with a fright, in the scariest of nights
Would it be the day your soul would be taken away?
From the temple and the garment of skin you carried along
Facing yourself, but you is not alone

Angel of death so they will a wait
When every single person has left your grave
From humanity you was social with
With humanity it was the last breathe you took.
So with Questions on what you believe, who is your Lord?
What person you’ve been?
to emphasis word for word
every sin means nothing and has no worth 
wishing you could exchange and change your ways
if you could repent and delete every wrong you did 
and just hoping your here after isn't of eternity burden

Pumping veins of fear and the drumming of your heart
Doesn’t give rest until you seen the good in light or a window
to the journey of the here after life of eternity 
To help put your worries at bay, and if we have the opposite
Of the agony pain torture, oh the torture we will be alone
And with certainty they will say,” Did not a message come to you”?
What could we possibly say? But be ashamed.

Idil Mahammed 
Copyright © 2011

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