Thursday, June 23, 2011


Somali, Muslim, Female
....yeah, wearing a Chuck-e-cheese costume in the middle of the mall would be more manageable
But I learned over the years that people are more accepting when you’re more sociable

But it gets difficult because…
You see my people are "pirates"
I am covered which means I am oppressed
Last name is Mohammed so at the airport I have to get “random” searches
Female so I am an emotional mess
Those are all twisted things I feel obligated to address

To start off, I cover because I want to
Somalia is filled with mothers, children, and human beings just like you
People who just want to live a peaceful life, the pirates are just a few
Prophet Muhammad taught us love and patience, violence is the last thing we should do.
And last time I checked female didn’t mean ignored point of view

I like who I am because it’s the only person I know how to be
I love my family, yeah we fight, but we're not dysfunctional like the ones on Jerry

Don't get me wrong I am grateful ,and I generally love this country
So I guess the Chuck-e-cheese comparison was just to be funny

Naima Mohamed
Copyright © 2011

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