Thursday, June 23, 2011

Group Poem 21 (Somali Heroes): My Heroes

Today we have heroes
Heroes who can fly, spin webs, shoot lasers from their eyes.
But are they real?
These fake heroes who pretend to be unstoppable, pretend to be unbreakable, pretend to be heroes.
Where is spider man, superman, batman?

Some people have heroes but are these heroes part of reality?
Are these heroes actually going to inspire you to be better person, become someone?

Let me tell you something I have heroes. Real heroes. Heroes part of reality.
My heroes inhale culture, believe in themselves, always fight to survive another day.
Fight to give food and shelter to their children.
My heroes are the people of Somalia.
The woman who are scared of dieing but put there lives in front of their children.
The fathers whom try to feed their children whilst in a war zone.

I was in a war zone.
A English boy in a war zone.
Who would have thought.
I would never forget the bravery of the people around me that day.
A grenade fell, BANG.
My uncles, didn't even know me for more than a week, but helped me, protected me, put their lives on the line.

I do not have one hero.
I have a population as my hero. Somalis.
They fight, bite, struggle to be alive.
They are my heroes.
If it were not for Somalia I would not be alive today.
So I applaud and praise them.
Thank you Allah for letting my culture live on till this day.
Thank you Somalia for being my hero.

Binoof Ali
Copyright © 2011

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