Thursday, June 23, 2011

Group Poem 21 (Somali Heroes): Timacade

from the heart of the desert
blessed by the sun of the Horn
he stood there weaving
the cloth of freedom for the newborn 
chanting the words to rise up the flag
tempting with a dreaming eyes
the future not to lag
freedom , pride ,justice , Islam ,love of the land
words encrypted in his poems ,
flowing to the heart and the mind
words i borrow like a moon garnishing itself
with a sun's light to ignite

the days went by
and the newborn  walked
the wrong way and by
the prejudice and hate
Somalia was hawked

our hero's poems kept chanting
pointing towards the injustice
and the corruption
reminding us of the struggle
and the blood of martyrs
He said it loud and clear :
Dugsi ma leh qabyaaladi            
waxay dumiso mooyaane
but my people are too hypnotized
in their blindness
too deaf to hear the words of wisdom
they are in love with madness
so Timacado stay in your grave
wrap yourself with
the moments of glory you had witnessed 
i will leave you now coz i dont have any memories 
 and i cant bare the taste of sorrow
your words left me with !!
the tears cant find their way out
and the thoughts are whispering :
Timacado sometimes it is good
to be among the dead
because outside this cemetery,
there is no life in the Horn
as it is used to be!!!
as if  your words were fortune tellers
and not just describing  the history
Soomaloo iscunaysa oo
Saqda qaylo dhawaaqdiyo

Sulub laysu cabbaystio
Hadba soof la xabbaadhiyo

Ismail A. Ali
Copyright © 2011

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