Thursday, June 23, 2011

Silent Love

All stories have a beginning
And mine begins and ends with you

Like a needle in a haystack
You were a hidden gem
That no eye ever saw and no heart ever felt
Quietly you graced your being in our presence
No attention sought and none given
You’re always striving and very driven

It is at crossroads that hearts cross
Where decisions are made and admitting of loss
And there you stood before me and my heart did toss
I must confess, finding you
Was like finding truth
So much clarity and no need for proof

You’re like a white cloud in the sky so high above
Your view so clear and encompassing like a pure dove
You’re deep like the pearl in the oyster on the ocean bed
You adorn the heart, mind and spirit, my love

No other mind could have conceived
No look of sight could have perceived
No joyous heart could have received  
You more then mine, my love

I wish you were mine for even a minute
Whatever the fate in health and sickness,
For richer or poor, in every case,
Whatever the race for I would win it
For you I would win it,  my love

If you were mine for an hour
O god! What delight it would be!
I would sow every earth with your seeds
And paint every sky with your smiles
And make the trees to bow down and hug you

If you were mine for one whole day
O words do fail me, what can I say!
Tears of joy would drown me
No place in the universe would suffice me
To you no one I know compares, my love

If you knew my love for you
You would stand speechless like a statue
But you don’t, and you may never do.

All stories have a beginning
And mine begins and ends with you

My love x


Copyright © 2011

Authors notes: This poem is written for all those who's love is silent and may never be felt by the one they love. For everyone there could be someone who silently loves you.....and if only you knew!

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