Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beautiful Morning

Good morning soul, befriended friend
yawning, yet cheerful countenance is close at hand
storming, a little piece of peace would comfort and please
dawning, is her beauty, she smiles with ease
drama is taken further it slips beyond written words
words were not spoken not intended to hurt
so many times we tried, still try, is that how much we care
stagnation tries to make a difference by getting nowhere
the breeze called change is seized with remorse
as ever some few claim they knew ‘of course’
beautiful morning
shifting shadows silently roaming.

Good morning beautiful, your eyes deserved better
grey is the day your tears add to the colourless, neither
the peaceful calm of the night is awaiting
hoping for the right words, still I am craving
for forgive me. We came such a long way
stranger, memories did not deceive me, stay
like a beautiful morning promised to the night
you say ‘it’s good to be alive, keeping you by my side’
the sun sets with flaky rays of hope
lighting up a downward slope touching while we lope
beautiful sunset
a scene unveiling a tête-à-tête.

Good morning resting eyes, dispersing spark
left in the dark, the horizon gives rise to hope, just hark
to the wisdom, blessing and praising
irreconcilable wishes, building bridges that I am facing.
‘Call me the black man with the plain living to the best he can
Ambitions take a swing for whatever you stand.
Blame me, I was not born this way.’
Guilt, the drought wilted the soul, is there more to say?
We rise, eventually we realise
a beautiful morning came at a price
meant to mention an intriguing feeling
at dawn the soul is healing.

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2011

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