Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Real Woman Of Islam

 In The name of Allah the most benificent the most mercifull.   

The Real Woman Of Islam. 

Lives to please the One who created her. 
She follows the ways of the best of creation. 
                    So she Knows 
That she is the most valuable entity on this globe.  
She is a deep thinker, intelliegnt and wise.  
She is never negligent of the purpose of her life 
From the fear of Allah she weeps so she has the sweetnes of faith in her.  

The Real Woman of Islam. 

She is so shy. 
From this world she is blind
She never falls for these guys lies. 
When he tries his lame little games she says "i seek refuge from u to the lord who created the skies" 

The Real Woman of Islam.   

She is a Golden Treasure Box
Which contains pearls, deeply translucent rubies and many other incredible gem stones. 
And the treasure box is locked with a huge diamond pad lock.  
Her Hijaab is the golden treasure box. 
Her unseen fully covered Allahs creation of her features & shape combined
with the humble so loveable character is the gemstones. 
Her niqaab is the diamond lock.  

She is a true worshipper.
She is a sincere servant of Allah.
She is a cearing and a Loving Mother. 
She is an amazing and a strong wiffe. 
She is pious Sister.    

The Real Woman of Islam 

Fears only Allah so that makes her a most necessary pillar in the society, that makes her the back bone, that makes her the rain drops on the vegetation. Her goal is to pleas the lord of this globe hence, that makes her the light in the darkness, that makes her very brave, to an extent she has more courage than a man becouse she is coverd from head to toe all u can see is her eyes and within them the imaans glow...IN A SOCIETY WHERE WOMEN FIND BEAUTY IN NUDITY (wa ciyaadu billah).   

So my real sister in Islam May the peace and the blessings of allah be upon u. 
May Allah keep u firm, may allah send angels to u to protect u from behind front and both sides. 
May Allah give u the qualities of the four best women in the whole world. (Maryam mother of Jesus, Khadija bint Khuwayla, fatima Bint Muhammad and Asiya wiffe of Pharao.

Wardhi Axmad
Copyright © 2011

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