Monday, June 13, 2011


"What difference does it make entertaining through it" --Knaan

...but entertaining through it numbs you from some of the pain.
 he told me that one day I'll be like a waving flag, but what
difference does it make because when you look into my eyes you
don't see any of that, 
and I know its sad but all you see is someone broken, depressed
and feeling homeless. stressed and hopeless.
 so I close my eyes to escape this pain and imagine sitting under
a palm tree, 
sipping tea with my grandfather as the heat of Somalia's warm
sand hits my feet,
 he tells me that I am all grown up with my ancestors beauty! 
but this beautiful dream is interrupted by a more horrific one, gun
shots and little children,
starving and looking still and lifeless
and suddenly all of my trivial worries are just soo silly. 
So I sigh and ask myself,
what difference does it make because both my country and
grandfather have long ago died...

Naima Mohamed
Copyright © 2011

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