Monday, June 13, 2011

Journey of the Soul

I've travelled away from Home,
Not for the pursuit of money and fame,
But for the pursuit of happiness,
That never goes away.
Something so powerful called Islam,
Took me on a journey
That opened my Heart,
And, not just my heart
But also my mind,
I've been searchin for this peace
My whole life.
Now dat I've grabbed it
In a loving embrace,
I shall never fear anything
On the face of this planet,
Thanks to Islam I've given
up all of my bad habits.
No more lies
No more dishonest thoughts,
no impureness 
no more worries,
or grief,
my salaat clears my conscious
in a way that you will never  believe.
I've been 2 a place you will be welcomed,
millions of races stand together
like brothers n sisters
in front of our Lord,All their 2 repent. 
And mend their ways,
can u believe dat dis still goes on today,
MashaALLAH is all dat I can Say,
And the name of this place is

Moe B Skool
Copyright © 2011

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