Monday, June 13, 2011

Valley of Death

I heard sounds in what seemed like the valley of death
Voices creeping up behind me "gazza"
Crying voices.. "ra-m-l-ah"
A child murmuring "nablus"
A clan in shaky voices said lest we forget "jenin"
Ana men "dayr ayoob"
Wa abooya men "bab alwad"
.. The army of dead and alive had risen
It felt like the earth trembled when they rejoiced and uttered in one voice
              ... "WA ARDY FILASTEEN!!"

I heard freedom shout of "PALESTINE"...
..instantly my hopes were turned to dreams.
Thuds appeared as the ground started shaking.
Chains clanking.
This is the rise of the giant in the Middle East.
The plague has been set free.
In Palestine is where you'll find blue skies unaffiliated with smoke, nice green grass and
it's where the sunny days lie..
Didn't you know, children make it home when the sun sets in Gazza.

But reality is. It's the Jews which are demoralized. Lies!

Their streets rubble free. Houses which resemble Hollywood. Electricity running through in waves.
Not a day goes by without them being deprived of aid. Evacuation facilities on stand-by no matter the occasion.
Their water supply is enough to flood backyard fountains.
But not a drop can be given to Palestinians?

It's the Palestinians living large. Half a morsel of bread to last a family of five.
Orphans left in the streets to fend against winter storms.
Ammunition ranging from five-to-nine,
raining down on them to seize the drought.

Fuck them and the army!
I hope you noted the sarcasm in my lines.
Our holy land is raging inside and we are powerless to fight back.
The Muslim ummah is in a deep sleep, the giant as our ambassador and shackles to our fists.

SIXTY plus years and still under constant occupation
Not a day had changed
Not a day goes by without me praying that Palestine returns to her rightful owner
So we can gather around, give her what she's been denied, nurture her,
squeeze the oil from the deprived olive trees,
protect her so that her children can tread on her soft earth lightly
rejoice and bow down
in solidarity
.. Al-Aqsa!

Yasmen Bakri
Copyright © 2011

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