Friday, June 3, 2011

Group poem 20 (Celebrating TNP): Dear Idil

Dear Idil

“Hold me closer in your embrace
I would lie if I ever asked for any space”

Your dedication
Got our fascination

More of a mystery than a riddle

Creativity engraved in your soul
Whereas yours truly is on a constant roll

The difference that I noticed between me and you
The way you phrase your emotions is too good to be true

Ingenuity is what it takes to bring me out of my shell
Untold tales you told so far, you say there is more to tell

A puzzle in which syllables are combined
Emotional is your wisdom, metaphors aligned

Even though you realised where I am from
And the obvious difference called ‘dodomdodom

What makes you believe that the brothers don’t stalk
Ismail and Hamza might not walk the walk

You call your humour a pre-emptive strike
Call my humour German or whatever you like

You call me Mr. Paper just call me Pen
Every line on the paper is dedicated to them

The soul, the mind everything is there
Envy – a state aggravated when we care

You get the idea – all based on inspiration
Thank you for your heartfelt and beautiful illustration.

Yours truly

Pen ‘N’ Paper
Copyright © 2011

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