Friday, June 3, 2011

Group Poem 20 (Celebrating TNP): Dear Ismail, Pen 'N' Paper and Hamza

Dear Ismail, Pen'N'Paper and Hamza 

Yes you read the title right 
this isn't somewhat a
dedication to you all
more on a jealousy matter  
I’m on to you, I hope you know that
Every time your poems are posted
I smirk and look and pull back to leave a comment
My pride is too good,
I to wish I had a fan page who would stroke my ego
And I most certainly can’t let you win
Is this a little secret of us who has the better end of the ink
With all the charm and wit
I type weird; I type Taboo
And still damn it I loose.

Even if I use my creativity
I pretty much sure I’m the crazy lady of TNP
But look at me I am the best in my eyes
I don’t give a shit
Every week every month I’ll post a poem up
And if no one reads it I’m cool with it
Until I see your poetry getting raped by a couple of your groupies
And I get this little tiny envy I too want the cheer leading

All I read is “I love you Pen’N’Paper” or
“Ismail Mashallah you touched my heart”
And “Hamza you are talented”
Makes me wonder
if I’d get this much attention if I had a dick
But whatever screw this

I follow your every move every post
And it’s always an inspiration quote?
Well I to have a few words of wisdom
I have things on my chest I have to share
But I’m not being a stalker all though
Pen’N’Paper was raised in Germany
Hamza has full on beard been stalking
his page has no information there didn’t help at all
but what ever
Ismail was born October the 25th
I’m embarrassed to know
All of this I must admit  
Like come on every time Somali TNP puts her status
Who is your favourite poet? 
your names are all mentioned
And I full of anger oh the Vernon is proper vicious
All of a sudden I become so superstitious
Makes me wonder where all of these
Great heart warming poetry is coming from
Damn it I want the love
why cant you notice me I am after all a Miskiin

I’m a woman I got a emotional needs
And that includes the showering
compliments all of you lots have been given
properly right now taking this as a regret
why did I mention I read your
facebook information section
but are you feeling this huge tension
pretty awkward right
but hey its facebook there are no secrets

and its no secret that
everyone in Somali TNP loves you all
WHAT ABOUT ME, as I type such envy
Might have to relax and have a blow of ice cream
or we can settle this with a battle of poetry
who will win this round suckers
But after all keep your enemies closer
Mr.Paper and Ismail are in the ditch
In the trap of my wit’s
And Hamza I’ve just sent you a friend request
So doll face I’ll be waiting, please do accept  

Idil Mahamed  
Copyright © 2011 

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  1. from now on,i will be your number one fan may ALLAH bless your even more