Friday, June 3, 2011


I have been silent all the day
I come to my living room, where I rather stay
I switch off by switching on TV
I signed to your agreement now set me free.

Russia, north Caucasus. Be quiet. Afghanistan. Be quiet. North and South Korea. Be quiet.
Libya. Be quiet. Iraq. Be quiet. Kurdistan. Be quiet. Sudan. Be quiet. Iran. Be quiet. Mexico. Be quiet.
Pakistan. Be quiet. Tibet. Be quiet. Palestine. Be quiet. Yemen. Be quiet. Somalia. Be quiet
- It does not end - I tried my best to comprehend - Silence.

Day in day out people are dying.
The distance between me and my TV is satisfying.
The pictures tell me ‘…just be quiet
Switch the channel if it gives rise to riot’

Be quiet, when you enter the city of silence
Where mothers give birth to the offspring of violence
Terrified that the village might tell their daughter
‘Those very eyes of yours committed slaughter’.

Be quiet, when you walk down the road of pain
Where love offered too little to sustain
The life of the weak and those left alone
Hate implants the heartless a heart of stone.

Be quiet, when you visit the valley of death
Where vultures ignore the scream by playing deaf
The victims of society are not left with choice
‘Survival of the fittest’ did drown their voice.

Be quiet, when those children find their way back home
Where have you been? They passed a sentence on their own
I was told that a soldier’s soul might tear
A child left by the devil is left in fear.

Be quiet, when you shave your head with a razor blade
Where each cut might not distort your fate
An amputated violet might not come to blossom
Put an end to your antiquated custom.

Be quiet, when you see them crammed together
Where dignity is lost, you turn the back on your brother
For being in jail, now you might realise his desperate call
Since you are facing the inscrutable wall.

Be quiet, when you are asked a question
Where the answer is given, following their suggestion
You might agree or disagree
Be quiet, just listen to your TV.

Pen 'N' Paper
Copyright © 2011

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