Friday, June 3, 2011


He bites his lips and pricks his fingers,
His hands try to search for an escape,
Something that can make him believe,
Something to take him away from the bitter pain that eats at his being,
Tears shed from him as he turns away and tries to forget,
Forget he was ever born,
It’s something he will fully convince himself of he says,
He knows it would be better to taste death,
Yet he fears the bitterness of its bite,
For know all he has is what little desire of hope his mind carries,
And what little image of freedom he hopes to once see,
The day turns to night and he soon falls asleep,
His dreams always lie to him,
They tell him he is close, oh so very close,
Yet he knows all he can do for now is seek and hope,
For all his fate carries is a bitten lip and a bloody finger.

Halima Hagi-Mohamed
Copyright © 2011

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